The girl with the most amazing power

"The girl with the most amazing power" is a theatrical play, both with puppets and actors on the stage, targeted at the general public and families. It was inspired by the children's novel written by Érica Esmoris, published by Sushi Books.

All of the members in Amabel's family have superpowers: an almighty force, the lightning speed, a mind-blowing intelligence and even the ability of becoming invisible. But Amabel hasn't still discovered what her extraordinary faculty is. To find it out she will venture into very peculiar incidents, with the help of her friend Braulio.

In the theatre adaptation, Amabel and Braulio, who hadn't seen each other since school, are coincidentally reunited 30 years later in Tokyo. There they will look back at the special year they lived together in 1982, one of their first early life memories, those to which we need to return to feel at our true homeland: childhood.





 Photo: Corsino©



Manu Fernández


He has the power to seamlessly speak three languages, to be an actor - very close to the heart of anyone who knows him; and also to get recognised in the street for his role as Milucho in the succesful TV series for TVG "Libro de Familia" - in spite of the wig he wore. Superman-u has the ability to rescue cats from trees and people from boredom. With a resemblance between Clint Eastwood and Jude Law, he also has the power to melt people.


Victoria Pérez


She has the power to believe in humour above everything else and to make use of it on a daily basis, to be an actress, to write very lengthy whatsapp messages with lightning speed and to pay the self-employed health insurance and taxes.

She has the great ability to be her friends' best friend, to have "un pelaso" (stunning hair), a mischievous look in her eyes, a knowing smile and also to feel proud of telling hundreds of times a lot of Roald Dahl's or Michael Ende's stories to thousands of kids in tons of schools.


Xosé Leis


He has the superpower to listen to people, to be available whenever required, to be an actor, a scriptwriter, a director, a theatre pedagogy specialist, to be a movie buff and to share what he loves, also to have a prodigious memory and to be always at the cutting edge of everything.


Xabier Romero

Original Music: "Amigurumi"

Photography: Corsino

He has the superpower to always be optimistic, to relentlessly think about how to improve the world, to be creative above anything else; poet, tireless photographer, the best whistler in the world... He cooks, sings, plays the trumpet, composes music, makes other people's life happy and never ceases to surprise others as well as himself.


Mathew Ward

Original Music: "Stay", "Amabel´s lullaby"

He has the superpower to adapt, to have a charming smile, to be always attentive to everybody, to fill the uncomfortable and comfortable silences talking about whatever, to compose music, to have played several instruments since he was a kid and to sing beautifully, to be veeery handsome, to love animals and to be responsible for Érica Esmorís being head over heels with him.


Irene Pidal

Amigurumis  Manufacturing

She has the superpower to be skilful at creating things with her own hands, to make others' dreams come true, to be a dear, to deliver Emma into this world, to have been one of the best gymnasts in her school at the age of six and to have been the best at posing disguised for the camera. From her time as child gymnast, she keeps an extraordinary elasticity in her arms, which do not stop working and giving unconditional love to whoever happens to place an order in "feito na casa".


Jacobo Bugarín


He has the superpower to cry with laughter more than once daily, to lose things and find them again, to empathise with success and failure, the power of contradiction, to understand everything and to not understand anything, to fully enjoy his daily hot bath and to drink fresh water; he has the power of passion in the small and big things, originality, brilliance in everything he observes, designs or creates even though, like Bartleby, he "would prefer not to".


Érica Esmorís

Author of the novel "O Poder de Amabel"

She has the superpower to see the world unlike the rest of humans, to write books, scripts, to draw, to look great in photographs underwater, to get into trouble and then always get away with it, to transmit vitality in huge quantities, to have a bigger heart than average, to be the best and most loyal friend of dogs and her friends, to always agree to a funny experience or to an ice-cream and to trigger amusing things to happen such as... this play.

All, absolutely all of the members in this team also have...

...the most amazing power.
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